As one of the largest program providers in Sweden it is important that the viewers' needs and expectations are met in all digital channels on all platforms. In close collaboration with SVT, Antrop has modernised and raised the user experience for two of SVT's services.

A new concept for Sweden's largest play service

Antrop has for some time now been collaborating with SVT on a number of different services and challenges. SVT has a very high level of ambition when it comes to client-focused service and therefore works according to Lean UX - so we always greatly appreciate our work with SVT.

SVT wanted to hone their play service for easier use on touch screens, greater accessibility and encourage longer viewing time. They conducted extensive user studies and identified key insights about their viewers' needs for a modern play service.

Antrop worked with concept development, user surveys and detailed design of the new play service. A new design was developed for all platforms, which are continuously tested by users in order to be able to develop the most user-friendly design.

Our work resulted in SVT launching a brand new play service that meets viewers' desire to use the service on touch screens and has several new and requested features. The number of unique visitors increased by about 30% during the first year.



SVT is Sweden's biggest play service with leading talk shows 

The project included


UX design

Visuell design

Responsiv design

Viewer participation in Opinion Live 

SVT’s debate program wanted to find a way to involve viewers more. Antrop has joined SVTinteractive’s program team and helped to develop a digital concept for more viewing participation. With many short iterations, lots of tests with users, interviews and design development, they worked out a completely new service that allows a more interactive participation by viewers when they watch the debate program Opinion Live.

A live feed was also developed with the new digital service for Opinion Live, which has been launched as a natural part of the program and to raise the viewers' experience of watching television and as a result be able to participate in debates through various digital platforms.


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