We help you get business-critical understanding of your customers' needs. Based on these insights, we design industry-leading services down to the smallest details that meet your business goals.

Service design

Understanding your customers actual needs and experiences

Designing your services based on the customers’ needs. It is an effective way for companies to shape a service that is attractive, efficient and profitable.

Business-critical insights

Through interviews and observations, we map the real needs, behaviours and motivations of your customers. Insights into your customer are your most important foundation.

Customer journeys

Mapping of a customer's total experience of a service. Customer journeys are used to understand how to improve or broaden what you offer, and gain competitive advantage.

Create new services

Based on your customer's needs and business goals we co-create ideas for new and improved services. Ideas are concretized as concepts and tested early on with customers and businesses.

Antrop has helped us to lift our eyes and look at the entire user experience, but also to focus on what is important and prioritise. We have been a joint team with the same goals and have also had a lot of fun along the way!

Annette Öberg, UX director, Skandia


Prioritise and focus your efforts

It can be challenging to reach consensus on how and why to move forward in service development. Necessary priorities need to be made so that the project is directed towards customer satisfaction and business objectives in a structured and viable manner. We help you develop your strategy.

Management by objectives

We have been helping businesses clearly set goals for their services and know how to constantly control the development of their service towards these goals for fifteen years. We connect user objectives with business goals.

Digital strategy

Taking seriously the customer experience in digital channels is crucial for businesses today. We are experts in how to innovate your digital service based on the customer journey.

Channel Strategy

Your customer's perception of your brand occurs across many different channels. We work out strategies for how the customer experience should be in digital as well as physical channels.


Customise every detail with percision

The customer's perception of your service occurs in use. We help companies move from smart strategies to designer launched services. We design websites, internal systems, applications, and digital interface for physical products.

UX design

With love for the details about information architecture, navigation, graphic design and interactions, we create an intuitive and pleasurable user experience.

Usability tests

Go from guessing to knowing. By testing your service on real users, we can identify problems and design for an optimal experience.

Content Strategy & copy

What you communicate in text about your service must have the right feel to it and lead to the desired action. We will help you put out the right message and create accurate content for your service.

Client-oriented organisation

Make your organisation more customer-focused

To deliver a successful service over time requires your organisation to understand both the value of working closely with the customer and having the necessary tools in practice. We help companies to have a more customer-oriented approach that innovates their services.

The introduction of new working methods

We look at how your organisation works with customer insights, project priorities and innovation. From there, we develop a roadmap for how your organisation can become customer-centric.

Individual coaching

Tailored coaching of managers and design managers on how to work to create a new mindset or way of working in the organisation.

Competence inventory

Are you properly equipped in terms of competence to drive a customer-oriented innovation? We help to look over your needs and assist recruitment.


Interested in inspiring lectures on the business value of working close to the customer and how you as a company can really get started? It is often the starting point of a new mindset and way of working for an organisation. We give lectures on business days, conferences and in boardrooms.

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We attach great importance to the development of business understanding, agile project methodologies and facilitation of change in method - because we know that these are crucial factors for sure-to-win projects.

Katarina Walter, CEO, Antrop


Collaboration Director

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