We are not a full-service agency. We are not a web agency. We are a UX and service design agency that always ensures that the user perspective is the focus. With us, you really work close to your users!

The team

Today we are 40 employees. This is a comfortable size and works very well for us. Our focus should always be to become the sharpest, not the biggest. We are a delightful mix of services designers, strategists, UX-ers, visual designers, copywriters and project managers. With us you will get to work with both newly-graduated creative stars as well as a bunch of Sweden's most senior design colleagues.

Employee philosophy

We think there are three things, which, together, are essential for creative problem solvers. To feel a sense of meaning and purpose, to have freedom, and constantly to be challenged to be really good at the craft you are passionate about. We work hard so that Antrop as a workplace delivers just that to its employees.


Three main reasons to work at Antrop according to our team

  • We genuinely work close to the users.
  • We constantly develop ourselves and work on engaging projects.
  • An unpretentious culture where we lift each other and have fun.

About Antrop, in brief

Antrop was founded in 2001 by four behavioural scientists and designers who broke new ground by making the emerging digital world understandable and useful to ordinary people. Today Antrop helps companies and organisations change their encounter with the customer, regardless of channel. What drives us is the desire to make a difference for businesses and people. We are passionate about the craft and would like to share our knowledge.


Founded: 2001
Revenue: Ca 50 milj
Employees: 40 people
Women: 65%   Men: 35%

Can design improve the world?

We are convinced of it! We want to contribute our expertise to create a more sustainable and just world. During 2015, we worked for free for a little over half a million Swedish crowns worth of projects close to our hearts.

We helped, amongst others, the information site Migrationsinfo.se with a new design, to more clearly present facts about immigration and integration for the debate. We also designed the service Just Arrived to help put new arrivals to work quickly for better integration. Antrop has a "Green Team" that regularly works with world-improving projects. We see this not only as a matter of the heart but our duty - to do what we can for a more sustainable world.


At Antrop I get the freedom to use my creativity and curiosity to constantly evolve. With awesome colleagues and excellent values Antrop is the place to be!

Nina Knez, UX designer på Antrop

We are always looking to meet new talented designers

Send us a few lines about you and your plans for the future along with a CV

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