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A new way to save for your future self

NoWo (No Worries) is an innovative fund company that wants to get people to save for their pension, so they don’t have to worry about their future finances. Antrop helped NoWo clarify its product and update the experience for its savers so that they not only save more but with a longer time horizon.

Client: NoWo
We worked with: Visual design, illustration, service design

Bild av fyra olika mobilbyer för att visa designen av app för Nowo som Antrop designat

We created an entirely new visual and interactive app experience for NoWo. The focus was on changing how NoWo spoke and interacted with its customers. This was challenged and realized through a new digital identity with the savers at the center throughout the experience.

Bild av fyra olika mobilbyer för att visa designen av app för Nowo som Antrop designat

Clear insights

During the research phase, we realized that what NoWo’s customers appreciated the most was seeing how the money grew. We seized on this and made it a large and integral part in the whole experience. The opportunity to save in several different ways was also highlighted in a new way.

Bild som visar designen av tre olika mobilvyåer i appen NoWo

Visual identity for the present and the future

NoWo’s visual world was dated and not in line with the outside world or the future. We developed a new visual identity for the digital units, with new typography. And we did a redo on illustrations and color palette.

Vi ser designdetaljer från varumärkesidentitet för NoWo
Bild på valt typsnitt HK Grotesk Regular för varumärkesprofil för NoWo
Bild på siffror i NoWos typsnitt
Bild på tre illustrationer för Antrops kund NoWo. Illustrationerna föreställer en blomkruka, en cupcake och en flagga med texten No Worries
Illustration för NoWo spartjänst. En blomkruka och texten Lagom till pensionen har du och vi tillsammans fått ihop 14964 kronor per månad
Bild på designdetalj från varumärkesarbetet för spartjänsten NoMo. Här ser vi hur användaren kan se summan hen sparat

The result – more people save more and in new ways

After the app was relaunched, NoWo has seen a significant change in how their current customers save. They have also received an influx of more people who want to save for their future selves.

Bild på mobilskärmar med olika vyer hos spartjänsten NoWo för att visa på hur tjänsten är designad
Bild på Sara Nero

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Sara Nero

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