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Vi ser en person som tittar på mobil som visar appen The WorldView Upgrader

New web app from Gapminder will help us dismantling common misconceptions of the world

Antrop is working with Gapminder, with Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Ola Rosling, on an important and exciting project. We are developing a web app that will help users dismantling common misconceptions about the global development. This is done by helping them get at a fact-based world view.


Client: Gapminder
We worked with: Web, app


Casebilder från designen av den mobila tjänsten Worldview Upgrader som Antrop designat åt Gapminder
bild på Gapminders grundare Anna Rosling som står framför en vägg. Håret flyger av vinden.

“We have been working closely with Antrop, and Ola and I have been deeply involved when it comes to the user experience. We have had great benefit from Antrop’s expertise regarding user needs, UX, and design.”

Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Gapminder

Vi ser Gapminders tjänst Worldview Upgrader i tre olika mobilvyer. Designen går huvudsakligen i lila och mörkt rosa.
Bild på fyra olika certifikat användare i tjänsten Worldview Upgrader kan uppnå
Illustration av hur framsteg visualiseras i tjänsten Worldview Upgrader av Gapminder
Bild på Worldview Upgraders information om FN-målet Clean water and sanitation

How did Antrop work in this project?

Michel Adamek is a Senior UX Designer at Antrop.

– We began by interviewing the target group. Then we prototyped, user-tested, iterated and tested again, he says.

He has been working with this project from the start together with a team from Antrop including Project Manager Kat Spongberg, Service Designer Jenny Dannstedt, and the Visual Designers Kristin Guzman and Åsa Hammarström.

This project with Gapminder is a perfect example of how we choose our collaborations at Antrop.

– Our vision is to design for ecological, social, and economic sustainability. In this collaboration, we are working with a focus on the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, Michel Adamek says.

Has this project changed your world view?

– Absolutely! It has become clear to me how often we are wrong, and how much igonarance there is. And what a dated comprehension of the global development many of us have. When you are presented with reports and facts it becomes painfully clear that so many of us have an incorrect view of the world. Even Nobel Prize winners, says Michel Adamek.

Bild på Sara Nero

Are you faced with similar challenges? Contact me if you are interested in collaboration.

Sara Nero

073-066 20 36