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Unified healthcare experience at

While it might seem straightforward, achieving a healthcare system that is fully integrated across both physical and digital aspects has not yet been accomplished. We took the lead in assisting to fulfill its mission of delivering an exceptional digi-physical care experience for patients.

We worked with: Service innovation

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Customer Journeys that bridge the physical and digital realms

To truly achieve cohesive digi-physical care, technology development and healthcare must work in tandem. A prerequisite for this is having a shared understanding of what the patient experience and needs look like – in both digital and physical healthcare.

Bild av patientresa för vårdcentraler framtagen för där patienternas upplevelse av vården framgår tydligt
Foto av Erik Sandström på

Antrop helped us develop customer journeys and gain an overview of the current situation for our patients. With these customer journeys, we now have a good tool that creates consensus in the organization and helps us prioritize future business development. We are very satisfied.

Erik Sandström, CPO at

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