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We aren’t a generalist, full-service agency. And we’re not a web agency. We are a UX and service design agency and we always make sure the user perspective is our focus. With us, you will truly work closely with your users. 

Please note, professional Swedish required.


Antrop’s employee philosophy

We believe three factors are important for creative problem-solvers: A sense of meaning. Plenty of freedom. And continuous encouragement to be great at their craft. We work hard to make sure that’s exactly what kind of workplace Antrop provides our employees.

We currently have about 50 employees. It’s a cozy size and it’s just right for us. Our focus is always on being the best, not the biggest. We have a fabulous blend of service designers, strategists, UXers, visual designers, and copy and project managers. Working with us means working alongside a team of emerging creative stars and some of Sweden’s most senior designers. We all share a desire to use our expertise to create a fairer, more sustainable world for our children. At Antrop, we work toward that vision every day.

Top 3 reasons to work at Antrop (according to our team)

  • We truly work closely with users.
  • We’re constantly growing and working on engaging projects.
  • Our workplace culture is unpretentious; we support each other and have fun.

Our 6 core values

We have formed 6 core values to help us evolve and thrive to be at the forefront in our area of expertise.


Antrop is based on an interest in people and our ability to understand their needs so that we can create great customer experiences. A human-centric approach is at the heart of all we do, and empathy is our primary tool. As a group, we have plenty of heart and that is clear in how we treat each other, our customers and our customers’ customers.

In practice, this means:

  • Our agency is called Antrop, from the word anthropology: the study of humans. We’re interested in people’s needs and behaviors. Our strategic guidance and design ideas are always based on knowledge of people’s needs and motivations. That’s why we put energy into research – we know it always results in the best possible customer experience.
  • Antrop is a friendly workplace built on goodwill toward all people. Honesty, helpfulness and respect are important to our culture of kindness. And we have high expectations of one another and the work we do. Kindness means helping each other achieve ambitious goals.
  • Being our best selves means much more than being leaders in our areas of expertise. It also involves personal growth, and understanding ourselves and our interactions with others. It means daring to be ourselves. At Antrop, we work with personal development at all of our conferences. This educational, enriching and sometimes challenging journey is one we’re all taking together.
  • Good health is essential in allowing us to be our best selves. Antrop offers a generous wellness allowance, yoga at the office every week and private health insurance so that you can quickly and easily get the help you need if you aren’t feeling well.
  • December tends to be a stressful month. Antrop offers a half-day of paid leave to prepare for the holidays or to simply relax.


Antrop’s vision is to create a better world for our children. We know our expertise can lead to a fairer and more sustainable future. This is our mission, and we work toward it relentlessly every day. Ecological, social and economic sustainability are key to everything we do.

In practice, this means:

  • We measure our success by how much we invest in sustainable projects and the benefits they generate.
  • We use our design expertise to create services that contribute to a sustainable world. Through digitalization, servicification, and innovation, we’re tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time.
  • We say no thanks to business opportunities or projects that are not aligned with our values. As a consultant, we will never ask you to work on a project that does not align with your values.
  • We are always deepening our expertise in sustainability; for example, we hired a doctor of sustainable development. As an employee, you will have the chance to learn more, for example through workshops held at the office.
  • We recycle at work, of course; we buy carbon offsets for our trips, we only serve vegetarian food, we ride e-bikes and as much as possible, we try to make eco-friendly choices. We’ve also chosen to work in an environmentally certified office and we have sustainability requirements for our suppliers.


At Antrop, professionalism refers to expertise and to consulting. One isn’t enough without the other. That’s why we try to hire coworkers who match our customers’ expectations of what an Antrop consultant should be.

In practice, this means:

  • Our focus is always on customer benefit and the change we create. If a client asks for a service that you consider inefficient, you should steer them in a different direction – even if that means invoicing for less.
  • Our clients trust that we’re always at the cutting edge and that we keep up with new developments. At Antrop, you will analyze and keep track of trends, and share what you know with your coworkers and customers.
  • We bring a sense of security to our customer relationships by being involved, communicative and proactive. This is something you will emphasize in your role as a consultant.
  • Our behavior shows our customers that we are professionals. We always respect our customers’ time and knowledge. You are humble, inclusive, concise and well-prepared.
  • We help our customers go from idea to action. We don’t wait for the perfect design or input; we know the most efficient approach is to quickly develop prototypes that can be tested and improved upon. Strategies are worthless without action.


We know that great collaboration among colleagues, clients and other agencies is crucial to making a difference. Open, direct collaborations with clearly allocated responsibilities result in high quality, creativity and learning in our assignments.

I practice, this means:

  • We are there for our customers. To help them achieve the change they want, we tackle every assignment from multiple angles. At Antrop, team performance is always more important than individual performance.
  • You will be surrounded by the most skilled and helpful colleagues you can imagine at Antrop. You are never alone. We always have each other’s backs, we support each other and we want to help each other out – these are some of our agency’s greatest strengths.
  • To make our collaborations the best they can be, you’ll work at the customer’s office for some assignments and at Antrop’s for others. Where you work will depend on what works best to achieve the greatest customer benefit.
  • Antrop has a strong culture of feedback. You will be expected to discuss strengths and challenges in all the collaborations you work on. Giving and receiving feedback well will help everyone be their best selves.
  • Our agency doesn’t have design directors; instead, we have design coaches. There’s an important difference – we believe that coaching supports everyone’s creativity and development much more. At Antrop, you always have access to a dedicated coach with whom you can bounce around design and strategy ideas. This way, you can deliver the best possible quality.


Antrop employees work and thrive best when they have plenty of freedom and personal responsibility at work. Personal responsibility is key to making sure our agency is anchored in trust and positivity. That’s how we deliver the best possible customer value.

In practice, this means:

  • We don’t believe in micromanagement. Instead, you’ll be expected to keep an eye on what needs to be done and to guide your own work.
  • You are highly motivated and can prioritize and deliver at the right level. If you need help, answers, or guidance – just ask. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. But it is stupid not to ask.
  • You have plenty of power to influence your own and your colleagues’ work methods. You have the freedom to try out new methods that could take your work to the next level, and no strict, Antrop-specific protocols to follow.
  • You make sure to stay up to date in your field. You reflect on how you want to grow, you take a proactive approach to skills development, and you reach out to your manager for help planning how to achieve your goals.
  • We offer flextime. You get to choose if you want to work more or less in a given week. We trust that everyone will plan their work and free time wisely.


We always aim to be the smartest UX and service design agency in the industry. That’s why we work with continuous improvements. We learn from each other, from our customers, from our successes and from our mistakes. All customer assignments are evaluated so that we can seize every chance to become an even better agency.

In practice, this means:

  • To stay at the cutting edge, we improve our skills regularly. For example, we offer lectures and workshops at the office, we get together for lunch meetings to talk about skills, and we hold coaching talks and conferences.
  • The primary way you improve your skills is through your assignments. That’s why Antrop tries to make sure they include different kinds of domains, customers, projects and teams.
  • We have an overflowing library with literature in our field, and it’s a great resource for improving your skills. If you need any apps or “geek club” membership to stay up to date in your area, Antrop will cover the cost.
  • We refine our skills not just in our craft, but also in terms of personal development. Stability and well-being lead to happiness at work and excellence in our assignments.
  • Antrop really emphasizes teaching our customers about our work method and making sure they understand our deliveries. The more our customers learn, the more long-term change we can create. We expect you to excel at this approach.

Breakfast talks

Antrop's experts give highly topical lectures (in Swedish).


Inspirational talks and workshops on customer focus, sustainability and leadership.