Sure-fire sustainability work supported by service design

More and more people are realizing how service design can help companies solve their sustainability challenges.



– With our design-thinking methods, you can solve a sustainability challenge, develop sustainability strategies or work strategically toward the UN global sustainability goals, says Fanny von Heland, Sustainability Expert at Antrop.

Sustainability has become one of the absolute most important issues at companies and organizations. Each industry has its particular challenges, but also some common ones: focusing on sustainability is a precondition for stable and long-term profitability. Several studies also confirm that CEOs realize how crucial sustainability is for customer loyalty and success.

– These days, we’re often asked about how we can help our customers in their sustainability work. Service design is an incredibly effective method for tackling their challenges, says Fanny von Heland, Sustainability Designer at Antrop.

Developed Antrop’s sustainability offering

Fanny von Heland joined Antrop in 2017 and developed the agency’s offering in sustainable design. This involves designing services and business models that are intentionally focused on improving sustainability. Since it was founded in 2001, Antrop has had a strong focus on sustainability, for example in projects with the Environmental Protection Agency, Fossil Free Sweden, Ashoka and UNHCR.

– Now we’ve clarified our offering to make it easier for customers to see how they can work with sustainability. We use our methods to strengthen our customers’ abilities to involve important stakeholders, formulate needs and explore potential solutions. Then we can test things out on a small scale to further develop the solutions. This kind of process is also great for working with sustainability challenges, says Fanny von Heland.

Top expert tips from for successful sustainability initiatives

  • Focus on strengthening innovation
    View sustainability challenges and your work with them as a unique opportunity to be innovative and to strengthen your business. Circular design is a great method for linking business and sustainability together.

  • Explore and test
    Dare to explore the problem area in depth and work to develop plenty of alternative solution ideas. Then test some of their effects. An iterative work approach can help you refine your solutions and make sure they achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Work with co-design and building relationships
    The people affected by the solution in various ways will also be involved in the actual design process to ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Understand your customer
    Strengthen your work with sustainability by better understanding the link between your sustainability goals and your customers’ needs, experience and expectations. Explore what you can do to make it easier for your customers to make sustainable choices.