AI for all as Peltarion collaborates with Antrop

Peltarion has garnered tons of attention for their service that will make AI accessible to companies. Their cloud-based platform is expected to be Sweden’s next major tech export. Antrop is part of the exciting journey, by helping Peltarion improve and elevate the interface.

The winds are at the back of Swedish company Peltarion and their cloud-based platform for operational AI. They are helping companies by making it easier and less expensive to use AI in their operations. Antrop is delighted to get to help Peltarion improve the user experience.

– A great user experience is crucial for the platform’s success. The companies that use the service shouldn’t have to be AI experts or know everything about the technology at the detail level. It should be a simple interface for them, regardless of company or industry, says Martin Gustavsson, Antrop’s UX Designer and AI Expert, who is working with the team at Peltarion.

Deep learning – with no need to program

The new platform makes it possible for companies to develop their own deep learning solutions for problems that can’t be solved with ordinary, rule-based programming. For example, that could mean image analysis and classification of images, or making predictions based on complex data.

A lot of tools around today come from AI research. They are complex and require extensive expertise. Some tools are more adapted for users without specialist expertise, but they tend to be limited to highly specific problems and features with limited benefits for most companies. In addition, they lack features and support for applying the model to an actual product with real users.

AI for improving your business

Peltarion’s solution lets companies from vastly different industries enter their own data and use AI to change and improve their business without needing expertise in AI or deep learning. The service emphasizes the graphic interface to make it easy to try different approaches. Antrop is helping Peltarion’s development team to improve and elevate the user experience for this particular interface.


Peltarion was founded in Stockholm in 2004 and has expanded significantly in recent years as technology and the market have matured. Over 300 companies and organizations have used Peltarion’s AI technology, including NASA, Tesla, iZettle and Harvard University.