Antrop designs a deposit scheme for takeaway packaging

Work is now underway to develop a new deposit scheme in Sweden. The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is developing reusable packaging for takeaway food and coffee cups and Antrop has been given the exciting task of leading the design process.

Antrop designar pantsystem för engångsartiklar

Antrop designar pantsystem för engångsartiklar

– Takeaway food and eating or having a cup of coffee on the go are established cultural habits that are here to stay. But more and more consumers also want to live more sustainably. With a user-friendly deposit scheme, we can help them make a behavioral change that they want to make, says Maria Klint, Behavioral Designer at Antrop.

User tests in several cities and user environments

As part of the design process, Antrop is testing several variations of the deposit scheme with users. Case studies are being conducted in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg in several user environments simultaneously, for example at restaurants and cafés where people eat or take food to go. The goal is to find a well-functioning system that is better for the environment than single-use packaging that is thrown away after the meal, as is the case today. Another important part of the assignment is to make sure to meet the needs of customers and staff when it comes to using and handling packaging.

In collaboration with:
IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet
A43 Coffee
Compass Group
Göteborgs stad
Håll Sverige Rent
KTH Students for sustainability
My Vegina i Söderhallarna
Nordiska plast
Nordish market
Reitan Convenience Sweden AB
Vasakronan, och 
ZeroWaste Stockholm.

Financial partner is Vinnova.