Antrop certified as a Great Place to Work

Antrop has been certified as a Great Place to Work®. This certification results from a survey of employees’ experience of their workplace and an expert audit of Antrop as an employer.

Zandra Rauchwerger, Agency Director at Antrop

Zandra Rauchwerger, Agency Director at Antrop

Congratulations on the certification! Zandra Rauchwerger, Inspiration Director at Antrop. How does it feel?
I feel ridiculously proud! 

Antrop was just named one of Sweden’s Best Workplaces last year; wasn’t this award a given?
Not at all. It’s risky to take engagement and workplace satisfaction for granted simply because we’ve ranked highly in the past. Workplaces are always evolving and this means that they’re closely tied to emotions and expectations. We have a year of strong growth behind us and our customers are placing ever higher expectations on us to solve increasingly complex challenges. Our culture of kindness is clearly able to cope with these demands, because our overall results in the employee survey were well above the certification threshold this year too.

What makes Antrop a Great Place to Work?
We have incredible trust in each other, and our active work with openness and personal growth is at least as important as more traditional forms of skills development. That creates a climate where we can be ourselves and feel valuable, dedicated and safe. And that allows us to do innovative and ambitious work for our customers – which in turn makes us proud, of course. A culture of kindness is the best thing there is.

What do you mean by “culture of kindness?” We genuinely care about each other’s well-being and success. We help each other. And we’re as direct as we need to be to do that. Feedback is important for caring for one another. 

What does certification require?
The assessment has two components. One component rates employees’ experience of their job and workplace. The other rates the company’s employer practices, everything from support and internal communications to involvement, compensation packages and skills development. These two components should correspond to one another to the greatest extent possible – that’s how a good, sustainable workplace culture is achieved.

Do the results include anything that makes you particularly happy? The fact that pride – both in what they contribute to society through their jobs, and in working at Antrop – is just through the roof.

What happens next?
The survey responses are clear about what we need to continue cultivating in order to remain an engaging place to work. But we’ve also learned what we can do even better, and we’re going to work on that this year.

Great Place To Work ®

is the biggest workplace survey in the world. They conduct employee surveys of 10 million employees in 50 countries every year. The foundation is built on 30 years of research into what makes people feel their workplace is great. Certification is a mark of quality of the very best companies. The companies on the list of Sweden’s Best Workplaces were announced in March.