Antrop is one of Sweden’s best workplaces - once again!

Antrop has been named one of Sweden’s best workplaces by the world’s biggest employee survey, Great Place to Work – for the second year in a row.

Katarina Walter, CEO and Zandra Rauchwerger, Head of Agency at Antrop.

Katarina Walter, CEO and Zandra Rauchwerger, Head of Agency at Antrop.

Zandra Rauchwerger, Head of Agency – How do you feel?

– I feel really great. To be the best version of yourself at work you need to feel committed to, and proud of, your workplace. I feel so blessed that we all together create a place that makes us feel that way, says Zandra Rauchwerger.

Great Place to Work conducts the world’s largest employee survey annually and is behind the distinction Sweden’s Best Workplace. At Tuesday’s online awards ceremony in Stockholm, Antrop was named one of Sweden's best workplaces in the category of medium organizations with 50-249 employees.

100 % proud coworkers

The survey shows that 100 % of the coworkers feel proud to be part of Antrop and the work they do together. Everyone does also agree that at Antrop you care about each other, that it is a friendly workplace and that the management act with honesty and ethics.

How do you achieve a result like this?
– I think that most people, who have been working for a while, have been in a workplace that they would not describe as "kind". And you know exactly how bad it feels to be in a place like that. To decide to build a culture of kindness and a place you love to work at, that will take you a long way.

Information, care and party

Antrop have had very good results in the survey when it comes to the ability to inform, develop, show kindness - and to celebrate and party.

How will you celebrate this?

– I would have loved for us to party together, but we will keep it digital for the time being, and more party when we can get together IRL again, says Zandra Rauchwerger.

Great Place To Work ®

is the biggest workplace survey in the world. They conduct employee surveys of 10 million employees in 50 countries every year. The foundation is built on 30 years of research into what makes people feel their workplace is great. Certification is a mark of quality of the very best companies.

Antrop, for the second time in a row, is one of Swedens best workplaces. Last year in the category Small organizations (20-49) employees and this year Medium organisationz (50-249) employees.