Content Strategy

Do you need to review your content work in order to improve the clarity of your service offerings or communications? Based on customer insights and design methodology, we can help you create relevant, target group-oriented content that strengthens your brand and boosts your competitiveness.

Content adapted to your target group’s needs

In the best and most popular services, content and design go hand in hand and give users a seamless experience. Customer insight-driven content involves creating content based on a deep understanding of the target group’s needs in everything from microcopy and information structures to coaching content managers and pure text production.

A content strategy lays out a direction for the long-term content vision, as well as robust support for daily production. With clear linguistic guidelines and helpful methods for how to produce and manage the content, the company’s communications become a powerful force for creating industry-leading services. The content strategy provides excellent support for priorities and target group work that ensure

Develop or review your content strategy when you want to:

  • Strengthen your brand, motivate employees and differentiate your brand from your competitors.  
  • Clarify your content and make it easier to find.
  • Ensure the language and tone of all content is carefully considered and consistent across all channels.
  • Improve and generate consensus on the internal work with communications and content.
  • Increase conversion and the number of customers.
  • Develop new, more suitable work methods and method support to make the content easier to manage.

Content inventory and new informational structure

Customer insight-driven work with content is based on classic design methods and research. You will gain insight into user needs, motivations, situations and trends. First, we will take stock of internal knowledge so that you can put existing insights in the organization to use. Measurable outcome goals make it easy for you to follow up results.

Before developing a new information structure and content strategy, we will take stock of your existing content and analyze how it should be modified to meet customers’ needs. What needs to be kept, rewritten, added or removed? 

A content strategist and UX or visual designer will help you develop an information structure, language and tone, and test them out with real-life users. The result will show you how to prioritize and adapt your content for the target group, providing an important basis for your content strategy.

Content strategy for improved quality and usability 

The content strategy is designed to be easy for everyone in the company to use. It should support how you create content that meets your customers’ needs and guide the decisions you make about content in the company.

Everyone who works with content should be familiar with the principles of the content strategy and work accordingly. This will contribute to usability, accessibility and high quality – and help you achieve your outcome goals.

A content strategy might contain:

  • Purpose and target group 
  • Outcome goals, operational goals
  • Content elements
  • Linguistic rules and tone
  • Accessibility
  • Channel strategy
  • SEO guidelines
  • Text examples
  • Plans for updates and management (lifecycle)

Consensus and relevance when guided by customer needs

When you decide to work on content based on customers’ needs, your communications will need to be of clear relevance. Internally, your content strategy will also help generate consensus on your content work. 

The analysis results can also be used to design a communications strategy, communications plan, channel strategy or content guidelines.

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