Customer-driven organization

We’re living in a moment of major changes and fierce competition, which means customer insights and agile work methods are more important than ever. Becoming a customer-driven organization will give you the capacity you need for ongoing, successwful business development using methods and processes that will transform your customer insights into value-creating services and experiences.

Design as an engine of change

Successful organizations have a clear work process that focuses on the customer experience. Your vision and targets are also based on the customer. We’ll teach you how to work with design as an engine of your process of change. You’ll learn structured, systematic approaches to anchoring, customer insights, in-depth analyses, prototyping and other service design methods.

Six key factors for success

In a fully developed customer-driven organization, all employees inherently understand why a change is important and the value it creates for customers, for themselves, and for the success of the organization. To get you there, we’ll work with you in six areas that we know are key factors for success.

A customer-driven organization is perfect when you want to:

  • Inspire and create awareness of why it’s important to move toward a more customer-driven organization and how to do it.
  • Evaluate your current capacity to meet customer needs and develop a service blueprint.
  • Identify and prioritize initiatives that let you continuously deliver a great customer experience and that strengthen your CSI.
  • Develop a vision and action plan for moving toward a customer-driven organization.
  • Build up internal capacity, work methods and a culture of innovation to establish customer-driven processes.
  • Turn your customer data into an overarching customer insight and develop a specific, actionable customer insight plan.
  • Coach or provide a sounding board for the people in your organization who are in charge of the customer experience.

Launch a pilot project

When it’s time to introduce new work methods, it can be smart to start small-scale. For example, you could set up a smaller project with a cross-functional team and a customer-driven work process. 

Then that project can be an example in the organization, letting you scale up and disseminate the work approach internally. As an initial step, we’ll help you with methods, tools and coaching, and then gradually incorporate insights and work methods into a larger context.

Gains for customers, employees and the business

We know every organization has unique needs. That’s why we customize our common practices to suit your specific needs. In the end, everyone wins when you move toward a customer-driven organization. You get:

Targeted service development – based on qualitative and quantitative insights into customers that are tested and customer-approved.

  • Satisfied, loyal customers – better long-term customer value.
  • A more efficient business – greater impact at a lower cost.
  • Increased market share – thanks to a more attractive offering.
  • Profitable and sustainable business – reduced risk and cost, and positive growth.
  • More attractive workplace – happier employees in a value-creating organization.

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