Customer journey

The customer journey will help you shift your focus from the organization’s channels and departments to the customer’s reality. Illustrating your customers’ needs and challenges in a journey will help you pinpoint opportunities to improve the experience of a new or existing service.

Map the customer’s total experience

The customer journey is a tool for organizing customer insights, challenges and opportunities. It describes your customers’ needs, behaviors, motivations, expectations and problems during the various phases of a service.

Use the customer journey as a concrete tool to:

  • Improve your existing services
  • Identify opportunities for new services
  • Prioritize projects based on what customers need
  • Come up with new ideas
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve collaboration in the organization
  • Create a common understanding of the customer experience

The insights collected are presented in a map of the customer journey. It shows everything the customer goes through before, during and after using the service. The customer journey also incorporates insights from qualitative interviews, observations and analyses. We should point out: the customer journey doesn’t just show when the customer interacts with the company; it also shows actions beyond the company’s control.

A huge advantage of the customer journey is that it gives the organization a shared image of customers’ needs and experiences. And that creates consensus on what direction your service development should take.

Identify possibilities and priorities

Seeing where problems exist in the customer journey tells us how to improve the experience. What are the greatest opportunities and challenges? The customer journey will help you understand the customer’s frustration and what to fix first.

Use the customer journey when coming up with new ideas, attracting new and existing customers, and to prioritize your activities. Using the customer journey as a launchpad makes it easier to dedicate resources to the right things.

It also clarifies how interactions between different parts of the organization affect the customer experience. This is step one in the switch to a more customer-driven work approach.

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