Developing innovative ideas requires creative power. But creative thinking doesn’t happen by chance or on demand – enhancing innovation in your organization requires a structured, goal-oriented approach.

Innovation strengthens competitiveness

Innovative capacity is crucial for how a company evolves and creates new business opportunities. It helps you explore and find potential solutions from the broadest perspective possible – and results in methods for choosing the most relevant ones. An innovative work approach will better equip you to face future needs and challenges.

Examples of when you may need to work strategically with innovation: 

  • Collaborative projects with many different players or complex projects involving multiple business areas.
  • Before beginning a major conversion or reorganization
  • When developing new services and products, or improving existing ones
  • When you need to reach new target groups or a new market
  • To find new business opportunities or futureproof your business to meet upcoming challenges
  • To develop new strategies, visions and goals
  • When you want to convert to a more sustainable or circular economy

Design thinking to promote innovation 

Innovation begins with creative problem-solving and revolutionary ideas – but it doesn’t actually occur until those ideas are brought to fruition. That makes walking the line between efficiency and creativity an essential precondition for innovation. 

Antrop uses service design methodology, design thinking, to meet actual customer challenges and create solutions. It is essential to create services that customers actually want to use, that reach the market and generate benefit. 

For whom is the innovation actually intended?

First, we will develop customer insights to map customer needs, dreams and behaviors. Whether it’s a brand-new service or product, or an improvement to an existing one, the basis for innovation is an in-depth understanding of the underlying needs and motivations of people.

Developing need and behavior-based target descriptions, known as personas or behavior profiles, will help you stay focused on who the innovation is for and the need it should meet. The customer journey is an excellent tool for illustrating customer insights and creating an overall picture of people’s situation. This approach allows you to hone in on possibilities, challenges and frustrations, and lets them serve as the basis for innovation. 

Be quick to identify what works and what doesn’t

Using different thought tools and relevant trendspotting, we will explore numerous potential solutions. Based on these insights and by generating creative ideas, we will then work together to develop a concept. 

To quickly understand what works and what does not, it is important to visualize ideas at an early phase. This could involve future scenarios, mock-ups of physical spaces, sketches or digital prototypes. With user tests, we improve the concepts and solutions through an iterative process.

Is your company equipped for innovation?

Many companies don’t have the necessary tools for innovation. It’s easier said than done, and the methods, skills, goal management or proper organizational structure and culture to make it possible are often lacking. 

A great way to begin is to start small-scale with a cross-functional team and a customer-focused work process. You can read more about how to build up a customer-driven organization here.

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