Service design

Service design is a form of customer-driven business development – a way to generate innovation and produce user-friendly, competitive services. By truly understanding your target groups and their motivations, we can help you create new services, deliver incredible customer experiences and generate effective and smart service deliveries.

The customer experience is your most important competitive advantage

Most people know the customer experience is crucial to the success of any company. Relationships and loyalty are more important than ever, which is why the customer experience is your leading competitive advantage. 

Customer-driven service design gives you the insights and tools you need to:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase loyalty among your customers.
  • Strengthen your brand.
  • Create innovative new service offerings.
  • Increase your profitability and find new revenue opportunities.
  • Create incredible customer experiences across all points of contact with your customers.

What is service design?

This methodology within service design can be used in a variety of ways depending on the nature of your project. It could involve changing an existing service, creating a new service, or reorganizing your relationship with an existing service supplier. But the basis is always understanding your customers’ behavior and needs in order to create the services they want. 

Service design can be split into three phases: Explore, Innovate and Realize.  

Valuable insights that lead to action

In the first phase, Explore, we will identify current needs together. We will conduct qualitative research, supplemented with quantitative research as needed, to map your target groups and their contact points with you and your services. 

First, we will take stock of all internal knowledge to determine what insights you already have and what information gaps we need to fill. After that, we will conduct interviews and observations with your customers. Our experienced experts will analyze and illustrate all customer insights, allowing them to serve as valuable and actionable inputs that you can use. 

The customer journey is connected to your service delivery in a service map. Your business is our starting point and we will also pay consideration to relevant industry and associated trends. Together, we will formulate clear and measurable outcome goals for the project.

This phase will give you relevant insights into your customers’ behaviors and motivations, as well as long-term support for designing services that truly match their needs.

Innovation and creativity to find the best solutions

In the next phase, Innovate, we will identify opportunities for improving the customer experience. This involves a creative and iterative process for finding solutions that meet your needs. We innovate on several levels, from business model to concrete touchpoints.

Once you have mapped the customer’s total experience of your service and homed in on how it can better meet their needs, the next step will be to set priorities. Priorities should be set based on parameters like customer value, complexity and attainability, as well as business and outcome goals. Truly great services are created from the union of business value and customer benefit.

Some of the best ideas are often conceptualized and illustrated using idea maps, storyboards and concept descriptions.

From idea to launched solution

The third phase, Realize, is all about detailing the concept and ideas in order to secure the formulation all the way to launch. 

We design the best solutions in detail, making them usable and attractive. And we help you make sure they’re implemented effectively. Many people associate service design with the Explore and Innovate phases, but without effective implementation, it won’t matter how smart your service concept may be. Antrop has 18 years of experience delivering service design all the way to launched solutions.

In cases that involve digital interfaces, we develop the content strategy, interaction design and graphic design. Other projects might include reshaping an organization’s work approach in order to deliver their services more effectively. The process could even lead to building a fully customer-driven organization, with new work methods that allow you to work more closely with customers. 

Antrop will support you with coaching and process management in order to help you put the changes you want to make into practice.

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