Sustainable design

Our focus on sustainable design means we create services and work methods that help your business intentionally move toward enhanced sustainability. Based on behavioral economics research and design-thinking methodology, we can help you solve your sustainability challenges, develop a sustainability strategy or work strategically toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Futureproof your services and business objectives

The world is shifting from a linear to a circular economy. We’re facing huge sustainability challenges. Sustainable design will help us tackle complex challenges in social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Using design-thinking methodology, we’ll gain a holistic understanding of the challenge you’re facing and we’ll design services and business models to solve it. We’ll help you explore, invent and develop circular services. Because these days, we know that a sustainable business model is the key to success and to unwavering customer loyalty.

Sustainable design can:

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Create a circular business model
  • Make it easy for customers to make sustainable choices
  • Counteract mental ill health and improve employee well-being
  • Deliver accessible care that is safe for patients
  • Develop engaging democratic processes
  • Support integration among new arrivals
  • Build smart, accessible, sustainable cities
  • Create safe online services and experiences for kids and adults
  • Be used to develop a solid strategy that concretizes your sustainability goals and helps you reach them

Three different design concepts for a better world

There are different ways to work with sustainable design. The method that will work best for you depends on your particular challenge.

1. Sustainable design for business development

Creative problem-solving, innovation and design-thinking methodology to solve a challenge or find new business opportunities based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll practice creative methods and approaches, work with innovation, and learn how to take advantage of the potential of digitalization. If you’re facing complex challenges on multiple levels of your organization with multiple stakeholders – like when restructuring to a circular economy – then sustainable design is especially useful.

2. Behavioral design for sustainable choices

Solving some sustainability challenges requires influencing and changing your customers’ or users’ behaviors. At Antrop, we can help you design all of your touchpoints to make it easier for customers to make sustainable choices.

3. An achievable sustainability strategy

We’ll help you include sustainability in your overarching vision and develop a strategy to bring it to fruition. By setting clear goals, formulating activities and KPIs and visualizing your path forward, we’ll strengthen your ability to carry out your sustainability strategy.

A method that facilitates solutions

The work process is adapted to suit the particular challenges of each project and the method is split into three phases. First, we explore existing knowledge, knowledge gaps and traps.

Next, we use what we’ve learned to map your stakeholders and analyze needs, so that we can understand your customers’ behaviors and motivations. In a creative phase of innovation, we work with you to generate ideas and visualize possible solutions.

The last phase involves making these useful and attractive concepts a reality. This step also includes testing the sustainability of the solutions, as well as design tweaks and implementation. Using sustainable design, you will develop work methods and services that truly make a difference and lead your business toward improved sustainability – not to mention deeply rooted, futureproof customer loyalty.

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