Customer insights for sure-fire communication

When Junibacken wanted to develop a new communication strategy, they wanted to make sure it was based on visitors’ actual needs and experiences. They turned to Antrop, which used various research methods to develop insights and a basis for Junibacken’s communication and offering moving forward.

The project included
Customer Insights Content strategy

For this assignment, a researcher/UX designer and a content strategist collaborated closely with staff from Junibacken. A great deal of background material and preliminary work preceded the project to help Antrop’s team quickly read up on the business and target groups.

Playful research

The project team studied Junibacken’s visitors for several days. One of the methods we used was shadowing, which is a form of observation. We simply asked for permission to follow a few selected adults and children during their visit. We observed and took notes the whole time, without asking questions or otherwise communicating with them. Then we followed up the shadowing process with in-depth interviews.

To hone in on the focus areas for the new communication strategy, we identified relevant questions, such as what they saw that day, how familiar they were with Junibacken, and what plans, expectations and information they had. In addition to in-depth interviews, we conducted several shorter interviews with visitors on site.

As a client, I felt secure with Antrop’s team the entire time. Their work has helped us deepen our understanding of our target groups’ needs. Now we can use those insights when developing our program and offering in-house, and when communicating with various groups. 

Lotta Brügge, Marketing Director, Junibacken


is a children’s cultural center that opened in 1996 on Djurgården in Stockholm. It features exhibitions and theater performances based on the works of the Nordic region’s foremost children’s authors. Junibacken has one of Sweden’s biggest children’s bookstores and a train to the world of fairytales that takes visitors through some of Astrid Lindgren’s storybook settings.

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