Support for abused women

On Lidingö, rates of domestic abuse are higher than the Swedish average. Young women are affected most severely. The helpline Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö provides support to women and children who have been abused. They asked Antrop to develop a new website to better reach their target groups.

An assignment to help more people

Fully 26% of the women on Lidingö say they have experienced violence in their current or past relationship. Emotional and verbal abuse are the most common forms. The helpline helps vulnerable women and concerned friends and family dare to take action.

Kvinnojouren Kertstin Lidingö provides support to women and children who have been abused and guides them to the right authorities. They also work to spread information about violence against women and provide support to friends and family of victims.

Antrop has worked pro bono to develop a new website that will help the helpline reach out to victims and their friends and families. Because the organization operates solely on a voluntary basis and through gifts from private donors, they also wanted to improve communication with these target groups.

UX Design for the most vulnerable

Our team gathered intelligence to find inspiration and examples of a good feeling and clear communication from similar organizations. To understand the needs and behaviors of people who have been abused, Antrop carried out a smaller, qualitative study in which both victims and experts in the field were interviewed. A workshop was held with the helpline to understand what they considered most important to emphasize on their website.

Antrop’s robust preliminary work and focus on our target group resulted not only in a website that manifests the helpline’s values of safety and sensitivity; it also generated huge engagement and participation among our volunteers. We’ve received very positive feedback and we feel inspired to keep working unwaveringly for social equality and freedom from violence.

Johanna Westien, Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö

A safe website focused on contact

Antrop developed a mobile-friendly website that launched in March 2017. Its primary purpose is to encourage victims of abuse, as well as their friends and family, to get in touch. We emphasized especially that it should be easy and fast to contact the helpline – but also to leave the site, should the abuser walk into the room.

The website provides information about what the helpline can help with and the different kinds of violence that can occur. Antrop spent a lot of time creating the right feel for the various target groups. As the most prioritized target group, women who have been abused should perceive the website as safe and trustworthy. It should provide a sense of hope and inclusivity, and vulnerable people should be able to recognize themselves and their problems within it.

Antrop also developed a new graphic identity to help the helpline create the right tone for the target groups in all of their communication.

The helpline Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö

Provides help to people who have been subjected to physical, emotional or sexual violence in close relationships, or who have a friend, family member or colleague who needs support. The primary tasks are to provide support to women and children who have been abused, to provide further guidance to the proper authorities, and to spread awareness of violence against women, which is an enormous societal problem.

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