Design that optimises medical services

To be able to constantly develop and modernise healthcare, we first need to understand both patients and operations. Together with Registercentrum Västra Götaland, Antrop has worked to increase the use of output from the quality records for improving the care delivered.

Towards better healthcare

Improving health care is a major challenge and national quality records are one of healthcare’s key tools for this. Registercentrum supports the quality records with IT structures and statistical processing of patient data to provide the improvement efforts with a solid foundation.

Antrop has, along with the Registercentrum, taken up the challenge to increase the use of the output data from quality records in order to improve the care delivered to patients and streamline the process of delivering care. Part of the challenge was also to introduce a more service-focused approach for all of Registercentrum, in order to work according to a clear process that puts end-users at the heart.

Service development and new design

A team from Antrop has developed service strategies and worked on how best to design the functionality and visualise the output data from quality records in order to achieve the greatest benefit and use of the service.

During the project, Antrop has explored the needs of users and use of records through several phases, including workshops, interviews and observations. Using these insights, the team was able to develop a new concept of what the design could look like. The concept was then further developed and tested with users to see if it met their needs.

Antrop is also working to establish a more service design-based approach in the organisation. Here, Antrop has supported on a strategic level in order to review what changes the organisation needs to make and tailor an approach that suits the business. During the project, Antrop’s team worked closely with the registry users, organisational representatives and developers together to reach solutions in the best way possible.

Antrop gave us responsiveness, flexibility, accuracy, competence, professionalism and comprehensive feedback. Well prepared and with respect for others' expertise, Antrop contributes with a positive attitude and sense of possibility.

Ulrika Frithiofsson, Manager, Registercentrum Västra Götaland

New customised design and methodology

Throughout the duration of the work, Antrop contributed with insights on record users, new tailored approaches and new visualisations and graphic designs of the data coming out from the use of quality records. Several websites have also been developed, including one where all of Sweden's county councils can measure and monitor quality development from seven national psychiatric quality records.


Registercentrum Västra Götaland develops and manages national quality records, thereby helping dedicated healthcare professionals to improve the care of patients in Sweden. There are quality records for a variety of diagnoses and treatments and they are necessary to be able to compare how different health units succeed with their patients.

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