Security and support for children and young people

For their thirtieth anniversary, Ideas for Life wanted to redesign Ideerfö and Utanfö, turning them into a single website. Their goal was to create a user-friendly and modern website, designed to match the rest of Skandia’s graphic identity and structure.

Skandia Idéer för livet skapade en bättre och mer användarvänlig webb för unga eldsjälar, kommunanställda och sparare

Skandia Idéer för livet skapade en bättre och mer användarvänlig webb för unga eldsjälar, kommunanställda och sparare

Clear goals and impact goals

It was challenging to find a cohesive tone that was appropriate for all visitors. The content needed to appeal to everyone, from enthusiasts and engaged young people to politicians and researchers. The new site also needed to be built in to Skandia’s existing technical environment and templates while still maintaining its own identity – yet another challenge.

Antrop and Skandia have worked together for a long time, and the foundation entrusted Antrop to create a responsive, brand-building site in Skandia’s voice. The overarching goals were:

  • Drive more traffic to the site
  • Make it easy to apply for project grants
  • Clarify the benefits to which investors’ money contributes, thus providing a deeper understanding of the foundation’s work.
  • Create a positive image of Ideas for Life and the connection to Skandia

We’re incredibly satisfied with the results. Antrop struck the perfect balance between inspiring and informative content, which is exactly what we wanted. They worked hard to create an appealing, warm and inspiring tone for readers.

Christina Wahlström, Project Manager, Skandia Ideas for Life

In the project, Antrop’s UX designer, service designer and content strategist worked closely with the foundation’s employees and their experts to gain a solid understanding of the business. The team took stock of existing insights into users and the background of the current content of and traffic to the site. During a workshop with Ideas for Life, impact goals were formulated for the project and target groups were prioritized.

“Establishing clear impact goals is important for truly maintaining the right focus throughout the process. We always work with measurable impact goals in order to follow up the result. That’s the only way to know if we’ve succeeded, if we’re on the right path, and if we need to do more,” explains UX Designer Erik Markensten.

Close collaboration with developers

An important condition for the success of the project, and for finishing it in time, was for Antrop to have good dialogue and a close collaboration with Skandia’s technical developers. That gave us the best foundation for starting from the existing circumstances and quickly handling the additional development needed.

In the next phase of the process, we interviewed young people and enthusiasts who had applied for grants for their ideas; politicians who use the foundation’s methods and tools; Skandia’s investors; and an economist, who explained the calculation models behind the tools. Based on the interviews and other research, we then carried out a target group analysis and mapped the target groups’ needs and motivations.

A cohesive new site for the 30-year anniversary

With our sights set on the impact goals and using the target group analysis as a launchpad, Antrop took full inventory of all content, designed a new information structure with a new content stream and prioritized old and new material, sketched out a new concept including the design and new functions, wrote text and headings, and built templates in Episerver.

The result was a cohesive new website for the foundation’s various activities and target groups. The content meets users’ needs and motivations, and the site has equal functionality for mobile and desktop browsing.

I was interviewed by a researcher who was looking at how companies work with foundations. He was so impressed by our website and found it really pleasant, appealing and informative. The word ‘appealing’ stayed with me. That means we’ve really succeeded – not too light or pushy, not too dry and informative.

Christina Wahlström, Project Manager, Ideas for Life

Skandia’s Ideas for Life

wants to help create a healthier, more secure society. They work long-term with preventive actions to support children and young people. The work is based on the notion that it pays from both humanitarian and financial perspectives to predict risks and prevent problems before they occur.

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