Modern corporate website focused on users

When Skandia decided to change the technical platform of their corporate website, they also wanted to improve the site for customers at the same time. Antrop was given the exciting task of helping them in the process. The result was a stylish, modern, easy-to-navigate website with a total focus on the needs of entrepreneurs.

Prior to the website revamp, Skandia chose to take a strategically important step forward. They wanted to use a customer-driven work approach and weave qualitative methods and quantitative data together.

“We have a new design, a new graphic style that helps us stand out from the rest of the industry. We also have new, customer-friendly content,” says Stefan Back, business developer at Skandia and project manager.

Impact mapping for better results

Antrop worked closely with Skandia’s team throughout the project. The first step was to help make a basic impact map. Nina Knez was the project’s UX lead:

“We defined goals and connected them to the company’s business plan; we studied and mapped the target group’s needs and made a detailed action plan for optimizing the new website. We created a new, more modern design to make it easier for customers to use the website based on their needs.”

We’ve improved our internal understanding of how the digital customer works, and compared to similar projects we’ve done in the past, our delivery speed is higher, thanks to detailed processes and internal trust. Antrop has been an essential part of this transition.

Stefan Back, Business developer, Skandia

Content first

“Content first” and “user-focused design” were key phrases throughout the process. Nina Grundmann was the content strategist for the project. 

“Earlier, we helped Skandia develop a new content strategy that would guide our work with content. The strategy is based on eight content principles that ensure Skandia lands on the perfect tone and priorities, and has the right search optimization.

In a business filled with financial jargon, technical insurance terminology and various regulations, one of the challenges is to create content that’s clear and correct – and also easy to understand,” continues Nina.

Clear goals for every page

One goal for the new website is that every page should have a clear purpose and provide customers with a specific value. Accordingly, the design and content were developed based entirely on customers’ needs and situation. 

Clearly formulated impact goals and detailed target group descriptions made content production much easier, and we managed to cut down the number of pages on the new website by more than 75%. 

Digitalization on several levels of the organization

Close partnerships between the UX designers, marketing department, product owners and content strategists resulted in the right conditions for creating a great corporate website.

Skandia’s most important service is to help people with their pensions. For corporate customers, this means providing employees with secure pension savings, as well as the proper protection for a healthier, more profitable business. As a leading pension company, Skandia wants the money that grows to benefit society and individuals as well.

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