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Reducing litter in the oceans is an important step towards achieving the global sustainability goals. Today, up to 85 % of EU marine litter consists of plastic. Of that, 27 % comes from objects associated with fishing. The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is currently working to change this with the help of policy design, and Antrop has facilitated the work.

Att minska skräpet i haven är en viktig åtgärd för att nå de globala hållbarhetsmålen

Att minska skräpet i haven är en viktig åtgärd för att nå de globala hållbarhetsmålen


Time to change an entire industry

Sustainable development goes from being an optional experimentation of individual committed operators, to more and more laws and regulations coming into place to effectively steer entire industries in the right direction. Part of this is the EU's introduction of the Single-Use Plastics Directive and its various producer responsibilities.

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management was given responsibility of the introduction of a producer responsibility regime for fishing gear that contains plastic in Sweden. They started a project called SPIRAL, Smart policy development for the producer responsibility of fishing gear made of plastic.

They enlisted the help of Antrop to work needs-driven in the adjustment required for the fishing industry.

With the introduction of the new rules, how do we redesign the system around fishing gear so that it becomes circular? Which instruments promote that change the most? How do pressured producers meet the requirements and continue to prosper? How do we help the industry to optimize sustainable transition?


Tools for system transition 

We use our design process based on Design Thinking, in combination with system innovation, policy design, mission-oriented innovation and change management (ADKAR) for the transition to be needs-driven, innovative and targeted correctly.

Each step in Antrop's contribution was carried out together with SPIRAL's project team. The team also received training in the design process, system innovation and policy design in order to continue working needs-driven and innovatively. 


Co-creation and communication on the producers term

Authorities in Sweden had long worked close to commercial fishing, but lacked insight into recreational fishing and its producers' needs regarding the introduction of producer responsibility. For the work to actually progress there was a need for both a process to work by, and insights into the stakeholder's needs.

The work with Antrop's process resulted in an idea bank on how the industry can transition h to a circular system and which instruments best support these. The results also included a compilation of which solutions require collaboration and how they can be tested effectively.

We delivered detailed recommendations on how the owner authority can drive the project forward, based on design thinking and change management. We linked each recommendation to relevant levers and insights to give the project team a solid foundation, as they continue to pursue the introduction of producer responsibility based on the target groups' needs and sustainability benefits.

Antrop's insight work provided The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management with a system overview of the obstacles, opportunities, attitudes and driving forces that sport fishing producers and anglers experienced around the sustainable change that needed to take place.

Among other things, we found important knowledge gaps that made it more difficult than necessary to involve producers in the transition and concrete ways for the authorities to address these knowledge gaps on the recipient's terms. We produced examples of how the authority can provide a more accessible overview of the key elements of the proposed producer responsibility.

Read more about the project at SwAM

This is a fantastic initiative! At the meeting HaV organised many sides voiced their individual interests and gave their opinions, but no one listened. The fact that you now, as an independent body, has a commitment to listen to us - that’s the way this should be handled.

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