Koll på soc supports children in contact with the social services

Kund | The National Board of Health and Welfare

Projekt | Digital service

To meet children and young people's need for support and information about, and in contact with, the social services, the National Board of Health and Welfare took help from Antrop. In close collaboration with the team at the National Board of Health and Welfare, we have redesigned the service Koll på soc, based on the target group's behaviors and needs. The service became one of the most important projects we have ever worked on.



Many children do not know their rights

The social services, "soc", have a particularly important responsibility for children and young people to feel good when they grow up. But many children and young people today do not know what rights they have in contact with the authorities, or what kind of help they can get. "Koll på soc" is a support for children who are already in contact with soc, have considered contacting soc, or want to know more about what soc does.

The first version of the site was launched in 2016, to support children and young people with information about soc. But the site was not used to the extent hoped. Neither by the children nor as support from the social services. A retake was required, which is where we at Antrop came into the picture.  

The focus of the assignment is to support and strengthen children and young people, and that everyone has the right to the same information regardless of which municipality they live in or which adults they have around them.


Insights and interviews with children

To create a service that meets the children's needs, we have done solid research. The insights are based on reports from 450 children, external analysis as well as gap analysis. Antrop has also conducted in- depth interviews with young people who have been in contact with the social services. The overall insight was that children feel that they have little value in contact with the social services.

When children lack information, they fill in the blanks themselves and invent their own version. Without information, they can also not be involved. To be involved, the child needs to understand, get time and space.

Koll på soc will also function as support for adults in contact with children and young people.

– Antrop conducted several co-creative meetings with staff within the social services to ensure that the service works with the information that the child receives in physical meetings at the social services offices, says Jenny Pettersson Lindberg, service designer at Antrop.


Visually, easily accessible, and on the children's terms

Several factors determine how children experience the information. For example, that the content is visual, and that it is presented in a mix with video or illustrations as support. Therefore, Koll på soc has a strong focus on visual material, and the illustration style has been tested by the children during the work. The children are guided with content both before, during, and after the visit to soc

Koll på soc is available today in Swedish, English, and Arabic.

Antrop co-creates with, among others, the team from the National Board of Health and Welfare.

About Koll på soc

The new Koll på soc was launched in the spring of 2021 and is a site about social services for those under 21 years of age. The site supports children and young people who are already in contact with soc, have considered contacting soc because they feel bad, or know someone else who feels bad and wants to know more about soc. The site also includes a Youtube channel. .


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