Methodology support system for building internal capacity

The Swedish Tax Agency had just completed a successful impact mapping project. So how could they spread that method and build up their own capacity? A group of employees became ambassadors and together with Antrop, they developed a methodology support system intended specifically for the Swedish Tax Agency’s particular conditions.

The Swedish Tax Agency has successfully transformed from feared tax collector to popular service agency. One key is the agency’s focus on users and their needs.

To better meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, and to take another step toward becoming a customer-driven organization, the customer encounter department worked with Antrop to map their impact.

The resulting impact map* illustrated prioritized behavior types and what actually creates value for these users.

Now we have the tools we need to keep up the work on our own. The key to success was working with Antrop to create a team that really got to test everything out. The result was a methodology support system adapted to our particular conditions.

Jens Eriksson, Head of Section, Service Development Division, Customer Encounter Department, The Swedish Tax Agency

Building up own capacity

The organization broadly embraced both the method and the result. So how could they continue to use this approach with other projects?

The solution was to choose a small group of employees who would work with a service designer and content strategist from Antrop to carry out a smaller impact mapping project. 

For each opportunity and work step, Antrop came up with proposed a methodology support system that the employees tested in the smaller project.

User-tested methodology support

The employees learned how to hold workshops, conduct in-depth interviews and analyses, and to create impact maps. Antrop received regular feedback on how the methodology support system was working and could adjust the design based on input from employees.

By the time the assignment was done, there were several internal ambassadors and a user-tested methodology support system was in place for impact mapping that was adapted to the Swedish Tax Agency’s particular conditions.

*Impact mapping is a method developed by InUse.

The Swedish Tax Agency

The Swedish Tax Agency is one of Sweden’s largest government agencies and is tasked with collecting taxes and managing the population register.

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