We know it's a big step when choosing a design agency. So why choose to work with Antrop? Let's talk briefly about our proven process and the values ​​we take with us into a collaboration for a successful project.

Our process for customer service development

All projects are different. Sometimes we work within a limited field around developing a service. We may help to develop insight work on converting our target groups' needs as our customers into service ideas, or we may help with how the organisation can become more customer-orientated through training and restructuring. But most often of all we have projects from start to finish - from research to launched service.

Find insights that are vital to you business 

We immerse ourselves in your challenge, learn from your expertise, read up on any material you have already developed and use in-depth interviews and observations of your clients, we map the customer needs and business objectives that your services should meet for the future. This serves as a basis for prioritization and moving forward.

Visualise the improved or completely new service

The best service ideas that come out of the insight phase are worked out in the form of physical or digital prototypes. They can then quickly be tested with your customers and the business to see what the response is, ensure that they are feasible and identify the parts that need to be refined further.

Design your service

The service concept will now be designed down to the smallest detail. If it is a digital service the interaction design must be set - how the service will work, the graphic design, tone and content. We work closely with our clients and iteratively. The design is regularly tested against real customers to ensure that we create a positive experience that meets the goals.

Launch - and plan the next step

The service is set up. We continue to optimise the experience by following up on how the service works in use and hone the details. We train the business, see that you have the potential to continue to develop your service to be customer-orientated and ensure that the strategy moves forward is anchored and feasible.

Our work philosophy

15 years in business have taught us what the important components of a successful project are.


We come to you

We know that the best services grow from close cooperation. Often, this means working on-site on our client’s premises to get an effective and established project.


Customer insight in combination with business understanding

Antrop is always working to create business value by seeing to the customer needs. We are genuinely interested in understanding the business potential of your service and your business goals.

With respect for your knowledge

You are the one that knows your industry and business best. Our work is to pair your knowledge with our expertise and customer input.  


Working together should be fun

Being honest, transparent and inclusive in everything we do is a given. We want to share our knowledge and set great value in contributing with a passion and drive for our mission.


Actionable advice forward

We do not deliver the results of a study without giving clear recommendations to you on the next steps and a proposed approach. Being able to translate insight into actions is everything.


Iteratively and agile

We work iteratively since the details are always best defined in close cooperation with business developers, designers and developers.

Antrop gave us responsiveness, flexibility, accuracy, competence, professionalism and comprehensive feedback. Well prepared and with respect for others' expertise, Antrop contributes with a positive attitude and sense of possibility.

Ulrika Frithiofsson, Manager, Registercentrum Västra Götaland

Different forms of cooperation

All challenges have different conditions and no two projects are alike. We know this. We can therefore be hired according to various models. This is to enable collaboration with very diverse operations, ranging from small start-ups to large companies and aid organisations.

Expertise on a consultancy basis

We create a cooperative arrangement that suits you on a consultancy basis. Usually, we work on an on-going basis with long partnerships, but sometimes a more defined approach is preferable when we know in advance exactly what must be achieved. Antrop can support your business with a team or an individual expert.

Free investment - Pro Bono

Antrop is constantly working on pro bono projects as we have a strong drive to do good in the world. Last year we were able to help services that provide people with facts on migration and refugee issues, help newcomers to quickly find work and make it easier to be climate friendly.

The easiest way to start working with us

  • We meet, to get a clear picture of your challenge, and for you to understand the value Antrop can contribute.
  • If we are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​collaborating, we come up with a joint proposal together.
  • Then we begin our exciting service development journey together. All the while focusing on your customer, your business, your organisation.


How can we help you?

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