How do you prepare for unforeseen problems occurring in the midst of service delivery to a customer? With the help of Antrop, the world-leading organisation Maersk Liner Business now has a more efficient methodology for working in a customer-oriented and effective fashion in precisely such problem situations.

To be the world’s best even when problems arise

Maersk Liner Business is a world leader in its industry. When the delivery of the service is working properly it is perfect - but it is often when problems arise in the delivery of their service that the quality of the customer experience is truly tested and evaluated.

Maersk wanted to be equipped for situations in which something unforeseen arises in service delivery in order to maintain the high quality of its service even then.

Working for the customer and the service

Antrop has together with Maersk developed internal processes aimed at offering help to customers who experienced problems during service delivery. The goal of the whole project was to create a methodology of delivery work with customer satisfaction as the starting point.

Antrop has, through a series of business training operations in "Service Recovery", developed a method based on customer-centric service design that is specifically designed to handle situations where problems arise during the delivery of a service. During the project, Antrop worked closely with Maersk to jointly develop the methodology they could use.

Maersk Liner Business

Maersk Liner Business is a world-leading shipping partner with over 100 years’ experience in shipping and complex logistics. They work continuously to get better at what they do


The project included


Service Recovery

Design management

Antrop quickly understood our need to develop our work in Service Recovery. We did not know where to start but through internal seminars and workshops with all the staff they gave us both the tools and a broad commitment that we could build on. Antrop delivered exactly what we needed with a consistently high level of expertise and engagement.

Susanne Jacobsson, Managing Director, Maersk Line Scandinavia

A tailored approach

As a result of the work with Maersk, Antrop produced tailor-made workshop materials based on the Service Recovery, model along with a thorough manual on Service Recovery so that it could easily spread throughout the organisation.

This material could be used by the department and team managers, among others, to smoothly create processes to handle the most common problems that their customers encountered when they used the shipping service.

Through the tailored materials Antrop developed, the organisation can now work towards achieving their goal to work together with their clients to resolve problem situations and ultimately thus create more satisfied, loyal customers who regard Maersk as a reliable partner in all situations - even those that are not optimal.


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