Antrop is one of Sweden’s best workplaces

Antrop has been named one of Sweden’s best workplaces by the world’s biggest employee survey, Great Place to Work.

– We’re incredibly proud of this honor. Together, we worked hard to create a warm culture and a stimulating workplace, says Zandra Rauchwerger, Head of HR at Antrop.

Great Place to Work conducts the world’s largest employee survey annually and is behind the distinction Sweden’s Best Workplace. At Wednesday’s huge awards ceremony in Stockholm, Antrop came in at number 14 in the category of small organizations with 20–49 employees.

– Receiving the honor of Sweden’s Best Workplace is a clear indicator that Antrop has a robust, long-term strategy for creating a successful workplace culture – something we know will produce better results for the entire business, says Maria Grudén, CEO of Great Place to Work in Sweden.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together”

Incredible camaraderie and team spirit, great opportunities for a flexible working life and the fact that everyone has plenty of responsibility are some of the factors that Antrop’s employees appreciate most about their jobs.

Distinctive culture of kindness

For 30 years, GPTW has researched what makes a workplace truly great. There are primarily five areas taken into consideration: credibility, respect, pride, camaraderie and fairness. When employees and leaders all consider these areas to be well-functioning, the result is a great workplace culture.

– Most people want to be in a context characterized by camaraderie and trust. When we feel secure together, we also feel empowered to create unparalleled results together for our customers. It’s no coincidence that high employee dedication has also given us a top ranking in customer satisfaction several years in a row, and that the company’s growth follows the same upward curve. Employee commitment is essential! says Zandra Rauchwerger, Head of HR at Antrop.

Great Place To Work ®

is the biggest workplace survey in the world. They conduct employee surveys of 10 million employees in 50 countries every year. The foundation is built on 30 years of research into what makes people feel their workplace is great. Certification is a mark of quality of the very best companies. The companies on the list of Sweden’s Best Workplaces were announced in March.