Antrop thrilled to win silver at Agency of the Year 2019

Once again this year, Antrop was given top ratings in the huge industry survey, Agency of the Year. Here’s what our customers have to say about us.

Every year, Antrop takes part in Agency of the Year, which ranks Sweden’s best agencies based on their customers’ satisfaction. In the past four years, we have received either gold or silver place in the competition. This year, we were thrilled to win silver, with wonderful reviews from our customers. Our customers love that at Antrop, we:

  • are experts in our field
  • generate enormous business benefit
  • have excellent delivery reliability 
  • are a great strategic partner
  • provide a huge impact/benefit for the money spent 

0% of our customers want to change agencies

The fact is that our customers are so satisfied with our expertise that 0% of them would consider changing agencies – even if their contact at Antrop quit, they wouldn’t cast a glance elsewhere. We are so happy to hear that once again this year!

We are proud and thrilled to receive top placement in Sweden’s biggest industry survey.

But Agency of the Year means even more than that to us. We participate annually to see what our customers think of us so that we can do our job even better.