Circular design for sustainable new business models

Circular design is a tool to help you convert to a more sustainable and profitable business model for the long-term. By understanding your customers’ needs, testing ideas and developing pilot projects, you can make your circular conversion a reality. Antrop is a Nordic partner in LOOP Ventures and can offer a unique opportunity for valuable partnerships and broad expertise.

Use your resources to generate business value

More and more people are seeing the advantages and necessity of converting from a linear to a circular economy these days. The financial benefits are enormous – in Sweden alone, we lose an astonishing SEK 42 million* every year because materials are not recycled to the extent that they should be.

When we retain the value and function of the material in a circular system, we’re contributing not only to a more sustainable world – we are also taking advantage of the unused resources that companies are sitting on. Among other things, a circular economy is about turning inefficiency in a linear value chain into business value.

Circular design helps you to:

  • explore circular business models and go from idea to action
  • design a circular service based on the needs of customers and the planet
  • carry out pilot projects and scale up circular solutions
  • map your circular ecosystem and find new partners
  • elevate your circular economy initiatives from a Swedish to a Nordic level
  • identify and transform any unused resources into new circular opportunities

Nordic collaboration for circular conversion

So how do you begin to bring your circular transformation to fruition? Antrop is a Swedish partner in LOOP Ventures, a network in which companies create circular solutions together. Through knowledge sharing, design methodology and innovation labs – LOOP Labs – we’ll help you discover and test new ideas, and explore partners that open doors to tomorrow’s business deals.

More specifically, a circular conversion may involve digital platforms for sharing, reusing or repairing products, and services that contribute in various ways to an extended lifespan and expanded product utilization. 

Circular design identifies your opportunities

Maybe you’ve just begun your conversion to a circular economy and want inspiration, or a boost from the starting line. Maybe you’ve already made some progress, but need help to concretize or realize your ideas and concepts. Wherever you may be in the process, we can customize solutions that lead to your next step.

1. Explore Opportunities

Intelligence collection and research to explore possibilities and identify obstacles for your circular business development. We’ll start from the whole context – from your users to your company’s business and role in the broader ecosystem – when we ultimately identify goals for your continued work. 

2. Innovate in Labs

When multiple players explore a common question together, the resulting inspiration leads to groundbreaking ideas. In LOOP Labs, Antrop leads a process in which we brainstorm opportunities for creating circular services. We develop concepts and prototypes for the ideas we find most compelling, so that we can test them with the service users. The lab is an efficient way to try out numerous solutions and find possible partners. 

3. Act Through Pilots

Realize visions through pilot projects We design, develop and test your circular concept based on customer need and the potential we have identified in your company’s ecosystem. By measuring, following up and ensuring the result, we make sure the business is scalable and that you reach your established goals. The pilot project for your circular service likely involves a collaboration between several different players; in LOOP, we support you by setting up the right structure for collaboration. 

Empowering knowledge sharing

You can’t achieve a circular economy on your own. The new circular economy is built through partnerships among companies, growth companies and thought leaders in circular economies. 

LOOP Labs gathers people of different backgrounds to identify and share knowledge about circular business concepts. That creates important business connections and provides a huge advantage and power in your conversion journey.

*Figures from the report “Retaining value in the Swedish materials system” / Material Economics

Antrop is a Nordic partner in LOOP Ventures

LOOP Ventures is a Nordic network in which companies create circular solutions together. Its purpose is to take advantage of unused resources and help place the Nordic region on the map as a leader of the circular conversion. The collaboration also includes Nordic partners with expertise in business development, service design and circular design. Loop Ventures is financed by Nordic Innovation. 

Circular economy cases

LOOP has contributed to many circular business models. For example, read about Finnish clothing company Reima, which launched an outerwear subscription, and the collaboration between Kesko, Unilever, Paperinkeräys and Orthex, which is making it possible to subscribe to cleansers and detergents.