Make room for mistakes and laughter in your online meetings

Erik Markensten, senior UX-designer and one of the founders of Antrop, is experienced in facilitating meetings and co-creation online. He shares his views and toolbox with digital resources for teamwork.

Preparation is key to make your meetings and workshops successful. Design the experience you want the participants to have. In digital meetings this is extra relevant.

Erik Markensten

Senior UX Designer and co-founder of Antrop. He also works as a design coach at Antrop and has extensive experience in leading online meetings, workshops and design studios. Eric's favorite collaboration tools are Google Docs and Figma.


Erik Markensten has experienced online workshops where everything did not go according to plan. A recent example is when the online whiteboard program shut down. Just think, it is like if someone came in and carried your whiteboard out of the room, mid workshop. What do you do?

The human element

Make room for participants to talk, have fun och get to know each other. So much of the social interaction gets lost in a digital setting. We can get it back through designing tasks and selecting applications that also focuses on the human aspect. 

Digital resources for meetings and communication

Here is a list of tools that Antrop has worked with, internally and together with our clients. As consultants and design partners we have the opportunity to learn a wide range of programs in our different projects.

Communicate instantly

When you facilitate meetings, webinars and workshops

  • Google Meet - for up to 100 participants 
  • - for up to 100 participants, works for workshops and to split a large group into breakout rooms, livestream för seminars and more 
  • Teams - combines video conferencing, call and co-working in documents

Digital whiteboard

A digital whiteboard replaces a physical one and, there is also digital post its. Sketching can be done on an iPad and uploaded to the digital whiteboard. 

  • Mural - digital whiteboard för post it exercises and sketching.
  • - a bit simpler than Mural.
  • Miro - a more structured and post it focused alternative to Mural.

Tools for sketching together

Co-create remotely

  • Whimsical - for simpler concept sketching
  • Figma - for design work and prototyping

Tools for short and quick communication

For short massages where you don’t need an answer instantly

  • Slack - set up channels for different kinds of content.
  • Messenger - Facebook chat
  • Teams - also has a chat function

Share content

Save and share files in the cloud

Tools for project planning and work

Plan your projects and communicate in the same tool.