Help for patients with arthritis

Osteoarthritis is Sweden's most common joint disease and affects a large proportion of the population, resulting in pain and stiffness. Antrop has, together with the Centre of Registers and the BOA Register, developed a new service that provides information to patients and healthcare professionals in a clear way.

Visualisation of large amounts of data

There are approximately 700,000 - 800,000 people with osteoarthritis in Sweden*. The symptoms are pain and impaired mobility. The symptoms often comes slowly and it can be difficult to diagnose. Having access to knowledge about the disease is important, both for proper treatment and for finding the right treatment.
BOA, which stands for Better management of patients with OsteoArthritis, collects national statistics from all clinics that have arthrosis schools for their patients. Information and statistics about the disease, its symptoms and treatments could already be found in BOA.
The challenge was to make the large amount of data available in a user-friendly manner. If that succeeded, profits would be huge for all osteoarthritis sufferers. Many of the symptoms can be remedied with the right type of exercise and medication, and more affected people could avoid surgery if they had access to the help found in an arthritis school.

As mentioned before, we have received a brilliant response to the output when we have been demonstrating it. The site is very intuitive and easy to operate. A rather telling quote is: "We did not know that it looked like this", from a clinic that had previously been very committed but did not really have time to look enough.

Kristin Wetterling, Project Manager and assistant Register holder BOA Register

A service for both patients and healthcare professionals

Using methods from service design and digital design, Antrop presented a completely new concept for the BOA registry and created a better user experience. In close collaboration with BOA, a new graphic identity was developed, with logo, UX and visual design, content structure and copy. Antrop's team made interviews, user tests and several field studies at clinics around Sweden to find the best way to present all the information. The new site was built in close teamwork with BOA's statisticians, tech lead and developers, and the service was launched in autumn 2017.

* Figures from the Swedish Rheumatism association


BOA stands for Better management of patients with OsteoArthritis. They collect statistics that are used
for research and arthritis schools.
Antrop's work with the BOA Register is part of a larger project together with the Centre of Registers.


Arthritis is the most common form of rheumatic joint disease in Sweden. Osteoarthritis implies an imbalance between degradation and the build-up of arthritis that leads to lack of function in the joint.

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