A nudge toward living more sustainably

The climate is the greatest challenge of our time. That’s why it feels both important and inspiring that Antrop got to work with startup Deedster, which makes it easy and fun to be climate-friendly. A simple app offers help to act and consume in a way that reduces your impact on the climate and creates sustainable benefits. 

We are dedicated to using our expertise to do everything we can to stop climate change and create tomorrow’s climate-smart services. So it was a pleasure for us to take part in the journey to launch the climate service Deedster.

By helping users understand their carbon footprint and increasing their awareness of it, and by giving them a way to challenge themselves and their friends, Deedster wants to contribute to a more sustainable future. Using service design, strategy and visual design, together we developed a strong brand identity, target group descriptions and an attractive customer offering.

Sure-fire value offering

It is quite the challenge to describe the customer journey for a new service before it’s complete and before it has any customers. That’s why we began the research and insight phase with a hypothesis-based method. It allowed us to develop an overarching customer journey, target group descriptions and value offerings.

Through research, joint workshops and just a few interviews, we were able to develop hypothetical personas and clarify the value of the service.

After the first launch, we carried out a more comprehensive interview study to evaluate the interface and identify areas for improvement.

Working with Antrop has been incredibly rewarding for us. The combined creativity and structured motivation that Antrop brings to the table helped us make progress effectively, without compromising on our strategic goals.

Anders Åkerlund, Co-founder, Deedster

A sustainable brand identity

In the next step, we started to work on defining Deedster’s visual brand and tone. A content strategist and visual designer from Antrop helped Deedster develop a graphic identity and linguistic style guide for its various channels.

We also worked with Deedster to identify and conduct user tests of a new revenue model for the service.

Version 1.0 for companies and organizations launched in spring 2018, and a beta version for private customers was released in fall 2018. The reception among companies and individuals who have tried the service has been incredibly positive, and Deedster also won at the Almi Sustainability Startup event.


is a service to help stop climate change and the negative impacts of consumption on the planet. Their app is helping companies and individuals create a climate-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

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