Digital design towards the next step in working life

Each year, the education and recruitment company Lernia supports a large number of people for study and jobs. When designing a new website and graphic profile, they wanted to start entirely with the needs of the target group. They turned to Antrop for help with digital design and a new modern interface, which gives customers a good user experience.

Structure that meets the needs and behaviors of the target group

Many can recognize that after a few years the company's web feels outdated and sometimes difficult to navigate. As the business grows and changes, the web risks becoming sprawling. When Lernia took a new grip on their web, they wanted to do so with an outside and in perspective. A new structure and navigation that reflected visitors' needs and behavioral patterns - not how the internal organization is structured.

A flexible solution with a clear business focus

The goal of Lernia's new web is to support people on their way from unemployment to study and jobs, and to match people's skills to the needs of the market. They also want to build a flexible web that simplifies work, for example with a faster time to market *. The project had a clear business focus, and prioritized what drives revenue or efficiency, such as more efficient management.

Find out strategic and technical conditions

To carry out a good web project, you need to be aware of technical and strategic conditions, set clear goals and measurement points, and find out the needs and driving forces of the target group. Together, it provides a good foundation for building the concept. 

In order to find out technical possibilities and limitations, such as underlying systems, IT architecture and APIs, we did preliminary studies together with Antrop's developer partner Prototype and Lernia's backend partner Active Solution. It helped us in choosing solutions for backend, frontend and content management system (cms).

Effect goals and behavioral profiles for a successful website

To know that a new website will be as good as we want, clear goals that can be measured and followed up are needed. We therefore helped Lernia develop power goals and measuring points, and anchored them in the management. When had increased the number of users, registered CVs and when more users applied for jobs and signed up for training on the site, we knew that the project had succeeded.

To learn more about the target group, we did in-depth interviews with several people. The results were analyzed and visualized in behavioral profiles, which describe the needs, goals, obstacles and driving forces of the target group. The behavioral profiles, together with the effect goals, became important tools in the upcoming work on concepts and design.

Priorities and principles for design and content

To clarify the overall needs and priorities of the new, we created a user story map, and defined a minimum viable product (MVP) of the site. Then we could start sketching on key flows and functions in the design studio together with Lernia and the developers. The sketches were then refined by Antrop in the form of conceptual wireframes. In parallel, a mapping of all content was done, with priorities, structure and categorization. The work was then compiled into design and content principles.

Agile design and development

After that, work on design and development began. All detail design, interaction design, graphic design, content production and development took place in parallel in a cross-functional team that worked in sprints. In a beta site, we were able to continuously fill with content, new features and do load tests. 

Extensive development work led to a new Information Architecture, a new way of navigating and a new way of interacting with the content. In addition, we designed a new search and implemented a new graphic profile. All new integrations, flows and functionality were tested, iterated and optimized for ease of use and conversion - and to ensure that they met the needs and goals we set.

New was launched gradually towards the beta site, as content and function grew. In this way, we avoided a "big bang launch" and were able to deliver continuous value to the users.


Lernia works to match people's unique competence, talent and potential with Sweden's employers' need for labor.

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