Digital movement into the future

Skandia did not want to compromise on the customer experience in any channel. They had an ambitious vision of how the digital store should be developed and through their partnership with Antrop customer-focus has become a natural part of service development.

UX partner in Skandia's digital movement

Skandia is a customer-driven company that through banking and insurance services provides its customers with security and long-term value. They have high ambitions regarding the services they offer their customers and have started a powerful digital movement.

During this digital big investment, Antrop was responsible for getting a design-driven way of working into the business based on customer insights. It is about working in a structured way around knowledge of customers, defining target images, pairing them with the organisation's business goals, finding creative solutions, prototyping ideas and ultimately creating really attractive services and making these a starting point.

In order to create the best customer experience in all channels, development must be driven by insights about customers – something Skandia really understands. During our long and close work together we helped to raise awareness of User Experience in their business. We have brought in service design methodology in the movement project, worked out a series of new public services and helped to build the internal department that today is responsible for the user experience at Skandia.

Antrop has helped us to lift our eyes and look at the entire user experience, but also to focus on what is important and prioritise. We have been a joint team with the same goals and have also had a lot of fun along the way!

Annette Öberg, UX-chef, Skandia

The new

In Spring 2015 the new was launched as a result of a tight iterative collaboration on new form, functionality and content. The new website received an outstanding response from customers who experienced it as much easier to use, accessible and modern. Increased conversion is obviously an important goal for an operator such as Skandia and with the new design it became both easier to become a new client at Skandia and also to increase commitment as a customer and enjoy more of Skandia's services

The design Antrop helped develop focuses completely on what the client could do on the site, rather than what information the customer could get, as had previously been the case. As of then, all the content was reworked to create clarity and engaging information for the customer. The amount of content was slimmed down considerably in order to only highlight the prioritised information that would help customers make their choices and deal with issues. That the new site, unlike the old one, would be available on all types of screens and platforms was a given in order to meet the modern needs of the customer.

Designing a variety of different services

We are proud to have been able to help Skandia work out a new design for a variety of different services. Both apps and digital systems that will improve the counselling session on retirement planning for clients at Skandia, as well as easier price comparison services, have today a functionality and design that meets both operational business goals and customer needs. It is exactly that magical biting point that distinguishes a successful service, and that is what Antrop has become the industry leader in helping our clients find through the years.


For more than 160 years, Skandia has been offering people financial security with a constant goal of having the savings market’s most satisfied customers.

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