A shared focus on customers

SPP, the most sustainable insurance group in the world, turned to Antrop for help deepening their relationships with existing corporate customers.

The project included
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A unified, customer-focused SPP

SPP/Storebrand is ranked as the most sustainable insurance group in the world. Their ambition is to be a global leader in sustainability and sustainable saving – precisely the kind of customer we love to work with at Antrop.

SPP was facing an important transition from focusing on attracting new corporate customers to deepening their relationships with their existing customer base. They decided to collaborate with Antrop to prioritize initiatives and customer-driven work methods that unite the organization and prevent tunnel vision.

A cross-border initiative

To benefit from the information and insight SPP already had about their customers and to establish the right focus, the project began with an analysis of the current situation, workshops to take inventory of existing knowledge, and setting impact goals for the new method.

Antrop provided the necessary tools for a more customer-focused work approach and actively helped SPP take ownership of the project. For this purpose, ambassadors were trained to disseminate the method internally. Representatives from multiple departments and functions were involved in the project. A cross-functional team was assembled with employees in UX, sales, customer service, business development etc. Throughout the project, they participated in interviews, analyses and workshops.

Field research was carried out at corporate customers’ offices all over the country. Decision-makers and administrators at companies of all sizes were interviewed to map the customer experience. Then, target groups and customer journeys were constructed based on the research.

A handful of problem areas were pinpointed as having significant potential for enhancing customer value through targeted improvement efforts.

Antrop has helped us give structure to our existing insights and to learn a ton of new information about our customers. With enormous expertise and great energy in cross-functional collaborations, Antrop made it possible for us to own and manage the project, which is now a central part of our work moving forward.

Ida Sundborg, UX-ansvarig, SPP

Continued efforts to improve the customer experience

An important insight for SPP was that the corporate customer journey differs considerably from the private customer journey. Unlike the lifelong journey of private customers, from saving for retirement to receiving pension payments, the corporate customer journey is governed by cyclical processes and individual events, such as hiring new employees and sick leave. This insight helped SPP prioritize initiatives that improve the total experience of pension services for corporate customers.

The project was highly appreciated by SPP and spread broadly throughout the organization with the help of ambassadors. It is also noteworthy that the customer journeys were created in Excel, so that SPP could take over and develop them further.

SPP now has a practical method for a customer-focused work approach. They continue to work based on customer journeys and the target groups identified in the project. For a constant reminder of who the customer is, SPP has printed mugs with illustrations of their target groups.

Based on insights from the project, Antrop is also working to improve SPP and their system supplier Itello’s digital services.

SPP Pension & Försäkring

is a Swedish insurance company that offers advice and a range of savings and pension solutions for companies, organizations and private customers. SPP has approximately 500 employees and the headquarters are located in downtown Stockholm. SPP is part of the Norwegian Storebrand Group.


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