Support to children

In 2016, the number of unaccompanied refugees and young people in Sweden increased. The situation requires more individuals to volunteer to help vulnerable children. Antrop and The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) have worked closely with service design to help municipalities find more enthusiasts.

Match the right people with the right mission

Antrop has helped The National Board of Health and Welfare to develop a digital service to help municipalities bring in more suitable individuals who voluntarily report to support vulnerable children and young people.

The municipalities already receive a large number of applications from people who are interested in becoming a family home, a shelter, a contact person or a guardian. Unfortunately, there are many candidates who do not qualify for the assignments. These enthusiasts could be given better guidance to engage in other missions or organizations.

Today, the amount of information provided by different municipalities differs. The National Board of Health and Welfare therefore needed a solution that helps municipalities with minimal resources to reach out with information about the assignments. In order to be able to match the right people with the right mission, Antrop worked with service design methodology to develop a solution based on the needs of potential contractors. 

What causes people to act?

Antrop conducted a field investigation to find out what support people need to take the step of engaging.

Interviews and usability tests were conducted with both existing and potential contractors. The customer insights generated were translated into a customer journey and target group descriptions with clear differences in behavior and driving forces.

Common to the target groups was a strong desire to really understand how it will be when accepting an assignment as well as the need for support from others who engage. On the basis of this, most workshops were carried out between the National Board of Health and Welfare and Antrop in order to benefit from each other's expertise.

A site that inspires action

Based on ideas and concept workshops, Antrop worked with digital design and developed a concept for the site where potential contractors can enter and get real stories from previous assignments.

The site is based on supplementing fact with storytelling from previous contractors. By creating emotional commitment, greater understanding and realistic expectations, the right people will seek assignments.

As a result of the project, a collaboration was also established between The National Board of Health and Welfare and The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Sveriges Komuner och Landsting, SKL) to enable individuals to act directly by reporting their interest.

The National Board of Health and Welfare

The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden (Socialstyrelsen) is a state authority under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs with a wide range of social services and health services. Most of the activities are directed at staff, managers and decision makers in these areas.

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