Ving – With the customer's needs and journey in focus

To continue to be a leading supplier, beat the competition, and constantly develop what they offer requires deep insight into customer needs, dreams and expectations. Antrop has, through extensive mapping of customer insights, helped Wing continue to be the leader in customer-centric services. 

The project included
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Focusing on what customers want

To be a leading service supplier you need genuine knowledge of customer needs and a desire to constantly evolve to always be on top. Ving initiated a collaboration with Antrop because they wanted to have a better understanding of how their customers think and what their needs, expectations and dreams are with regard to travel. By truly understanding the customer you have the opportunity to create improvements in your customer experience, to further hone your service.

Understanding the travellers in depth

A service design team from Antrop made an extensive survey through interviews and observations of Ving destinations.

Based on customer insights, customer journeys were created to effectively communicate knowledge of customers throughout Ving’s organisation. Customer journeys show in detail how Ving customers act and what they experience from when they first begin to dream about a trip to when they come back home. Customer journeys came with recommended service development initiatives forward. 

Detailed insights and future vision

Through the collaboration with Antrop, Ving has received detailed insights about their customers that they can use to continue honing their services and to be the leading travel provider with the market's most satisfied customers! 


Ving is the Nordic region’s leading provider of travel to more than 400 destinations in over 50 countries and number one when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

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